Language Schools in Ukraine

There are 7 organizations offering a total of 12 GoNomad Language Study programs


International Programs

  • Standard Russian Course in Kiev

    The name "NovaMova" comes from Ukrainian. The two words literally mean"New Language". Founded in 2001, by friends and dedicated linguists Gela Turabelidze and Andriy Kononenko, the NovaMova International Language School has grown to become the top Ru...

Study Abroad Compass

  • Study Abroad Ukraine

    For Kiev: ECHO Eastern Europe is a prestigious international center for the study of Russian and Ukrainian. The School is located in Kiev, one of the oldest and most beautiful European cities. It is one of the leading schools for teaching Slavic l...

NovaMova Study Abroad Programs

Novamova International Language School Kiev has 1 program in 1 location. The program is offered in Ukraine

ECHO Eastern Europe Russian and Ukrainian School

ECHO Eastern Europe invites you to visit our intensive Russian and Ukrainian language courses in the one of the oldest and most beautiful European cities - Kiev.

EESA - Eastern European Study Abroad

  • Study with EESA: 7 cities & 5 countries in one semester!

    Choose a unique study abroad program in Ukraine and fall in love with this country and its people! All of our alumni refer to their experience with EESA as the best time of their lives and would choose to do it again in a heartbeat. Kharkiv, Ukra...

Eurolingua Institute SA

There are many benefits to learning Ukrainian with our Ukrainian homestay. Ukraine is a stunning country with great opportunities for travel and learning. Our Ukrainian homestay classes give students the option to learn to speak Ukrainian while enjoying this attractive country.

Ukrainian Catholic University/School of Ukrainian language and culture

Strengthen language skills by learning Ukrainian with Ukrainian Catholic University. Participants from all over the world live and immerse themselves in the city of Lviv. Key areas of study include Pronunciation, Listening, and Reading Comprehension.

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