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Yes, that's right... really affordable prices starting at 4 euros / hour!! And we don’t only teach General Spanish but we have several Specific Courses made to measure professional demands, a great Survival Spanish course for those that need a fast start from scratch, etc.

International Programs

International Programs has over a dozen language study courses in Spain ranging from intensive and general Spanish classes to Spanish with internship and volunteer opportunities. The courses are taught at the AIL in Madrid, the Espanole International House in Valencia, or the Barcelona School of Spanish. Some programs include free access to the Internet, library service, and free rental of a Spanish mobile phone.

Instituto Hemingway

Gain confidence in speaking the Spanish language by taking part in Instituto Hemingway's programs. Develop fluency during a span of three weeks with daily conversations with bilingual instructors, spending time with the locals, and participating in tutorials. Delve into the culture by learning how to cook Spanish cuisines, and going on trips to historical sites such as strolling through Barcelona's La Rambla, the Convento de la Encarnacion in Madrid, the Teatro Arriaga in Bilbao, and more.

ELI Abroad

  • ELI Abroad - Experiences to Change Your Life

    ELI Abroad, a registered non-profit organization, sends hundreds (not thousands) of people each year to intern or volunteer in 26 countries around the world. We’ve been doing this since 2000, and are staffed by a travel-savvy experienced team. Our ...

Greenheart Travel

  • Teen Language Camp in Salamanca, Spain with Greenheart

    Learn and improve your Spanish through full language and cultural immersion on Greenheart Travel’s summer language camp program, in Salamanca, Spain! Our 1 - 6 week program welcomes teen students of all skills, including beginners! Live with a Spa...

Academic Programs International

API offers comprehensive Spanish language and culture programs in Barcelona, Bilbao, Cadiz, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca, and Seville. All API programs include airport pickup, an on-site orientation with an English-speaking Resident Director, housing, tuition, medical and life insurance, excursions, social and cultural activities, and a transcript upon completion of the program, among other services.

Abbey Road Programs

Abbey Road Programs offers language programs in Spain for high school students. Participants have the chance to participate in carefully designed high school study programs supplemented with cultural exploration, tours, and language immersion.

ESL - Language studies abroad

  • Learn Spanish in Spain

    If you’re looking to learn Spanish, do it in Spain – a nation abundant with happiness and people are encouraged to engage in conversations. Its rich history has produced multiracial associations and a multicultural population, making Spain an exc...

Putney Student Travel

  • Language Learning in Spain - Putney Student Travel

    Become a more proficient Spanish speaker through this immersion program in Spain. Learn to surf in the Cantabrian Sea, hike among grazing cows in the Picos de Europa, and play soccer with local children in a small coastal village. Explore the lively ...

ISA (International Studies Abroad)

  • ISA Study Abroad in Malaga, Spain

    Málaga, Spain (pop. 600,000), a breathtaking Mediterranean gem located in the famed Costa del Sol, is a city teeming with art and culture. One of the oldest still-inhabited cities in Europe, Málaga's extensive multicultural history invites students...

Edu-Culture Immersion (ECI)

  • Spain Individual Immersion

    YOU WILL SPEAK ONLY SPANISH - GUARANTEED! Live with a volunteer family in Spain this summer. All our families have teenage children. SPEND 2 TO 6 WEEKS IN SAN SEBASTIAN We will choose a family most suited to you and your interests, and with a ...

Carpe Diem Education

  • Spain & Morocco Semester | Carpe Diem Education Gap Year

    THEMES: HUMAN MIGRATION & LANGUAGE STUDY Join Carpe Diem Education and a cohort of dedicated students for a semester in Spain and Morocco. The ‘Human Migration and Language Study’ program welcomes participants ages 17 and up on either a fall ...

GoBeyond Student Travel

  • GoBeyond - Spain - Real España

    Discover a new version of yourself in the Old World. Castles, cuisine, and cathedrals provide an astonishing backdrop for this accelerated immersive language and culture expedition. Survey the cities, traverse the plains, and hike the Sierra Nevadas ...

The National Registration Center for Study Abroad

NRCSA teams have been evaluating programs around the world - selecting those best able to meet your needs. Our mission is to improve international understanding through educational exchanges. NRCSA welcomes participants of all ages, nationalities, and occupations.

Andeo International Homestays

Andeo is about people, cultural adventures and our future in a global community. Andeo International Homestays (formerly International Summerstays) was founded by our director Melinda Samis in 1981 as a nonprofit organization specializing in short-term summer programs.

Adelante Abroad

  • Summer Study Abroad in Seville - Adelante Abroad

    Learn Spanish quickly with summer study abroad program with Adelante. Our students say they learn the same in this short summer program as they would in a semester "back home." Adelante offers two options for studying abroad in Seville, Spain: Op...

Travel For Teens

We have crafted our unique programs to engender love for travel, hunger for learning, curiosity about differences, appreciation of similarities across cultures, and an understanding of what it means to be a global citizen. We look forward to traveling with you!


CIEE has 145 programs in 40 different locations. Programs are offered in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Caribbean and 35 other countries.

Voyager Study Abroad

  • Study Spanish with VS Abroad this Summer

    Where better to learn Spanish than in Spain. Voyager Spain lets you explore beautiful cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Seville, Valencia, Segovia, Malaga, Cordoba, and Toledo) in 30 days! Voyager Spain is a program of Voyager Study Abroad (VSA), t...

Soccer Camps International

  • Youth Summer Soccer Camps in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain

    Soccer Camps International’s selection of Spanish soccer camps (football camps) in Spain includes intensive summer programs for boys (girls camp also available for FC Barcelona) from 11 to 17 years old with FC Barcelona Soccer Camps, from 9 to 11 y...

CSA International - Non-Profit, Low Cost, Academic Study Abroad

Spain is the homeland of the Spanish dialect, a perfect destination to learn this influential language. Enroll at one of the distinguished institution in Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, or other cities, and experience the culture, lifestyle, and the local community. The international language program is open throughout the year and provided by the Center for Study Abroad.


Homestay Language Study immerses you in a new language through formal training, as well as through daily life with your host family and friends.

Sol Abroad

  • Sol Abroad: High School Study Abroad Program in Spain

    Granada is a perfect part of Spain for students to practice Spanish language learning. In this program, participants will attend the University of Granada where they can earn credit, find academic support, and study in a historical district. From cob...

Language Vacation

There are over 30 program choices offered by Language Vacation in Spain. Program participants have the opportunity to partake in language courses that provide intensive classes in the Spanish language while immersing themselves in the country's culture, traditions, and history as they engage in different cultural and social activities. In most programs, students earn a language proficiency certificate as well as academic credits.

Oxbridge Academic Programs

Oxbridge Academic Programs has 1 program. Program is offered in England.


  • Spanish Language School in Granada, Spain

    Travel with Frontier to the Andalusian city of Granada in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Southern Spain. Learn the world's most romantic language in a top class language school immersed in this glamorous and vibrant city. Granada ...

Athena Study Abroad

Athena Study Abroad was developed in an effort to bring students authentic study abroad experiences involving true, cultural immersion, designed by knowledgeable, caring professionals.

Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Universidad Pablo de Olavide has 3 programs in 1 location. Programs are offered in Spain

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