Language Schools in Panama

There are 10 organizations offering a total of 11 GoNomad Language Study programs


ESL - Language studies abroad

  • Learn Spanish in Panama

    Participate in a culturally immersive language study program in Panama with ESL Language Studies Abroad. Get the chance to explore cultural diversity and biodiversity of Bocas del Toro, Boquete, and Panama City. This language study course is open to...

The National Registration Center for Study Abroad

  • Learn Spanish in Panama City, Panama

    The National Registration Center for Study Abroad offers Spanish courses in Panama City, Panama. The Spanish language school has at least 20 years of experience in language training. The school is located in the beautiful City of Knowledge and course...

Language Vacation

  • Spanish Language Course and Immersion in Panama City, Panama

    Learn Spanish in Panama City, enjoy your Spanish learning vacation in this city of contrasts, colonial meets modern skyscrapers. Panama City is divide between old & new, Old Panama was the center for Spanish exploration interesting ruins include t...

Habla Ya Spanish Schools

  • Spanish Immersion in Panama City, Bocas del Toro & Boquete

    Why do students rate Habla Ya's Spanish immersion program more times and better than any other Spanish learning vacation in Latin America? Because students learn Spanish fast while immersing themselves and having the time of their life in stunning...

Spanish at Locations

  • Learn Spanish & Travel to unique destinations!

    Want to learn Spanish WHILE discovering new places? Have unique adventures and/or do volunteering? As well as stimulating multicultural community? We've got you covered! Check out our fluidly designed curriculum across five locations! Why limit yours...

International Travel and Study Institute

  • Accredited Spanish Courses in Panama

    Learn Spanish in Panama! We offer different accredited Spanish Courses in Bocas del Toro, Boquete, and Panama City. You can enjoy the gorgeous beaches of Panama, one of the most beautiful and safest destinations on Central America. In order to gua...

Mono Loco Surf School

  • Surf & Spanish in Panama with a Top Rated Surf School

    Ready to catch some high tides and explore the waters of the Panamanian Coast? Well Mono Loco Surf School loves the motion of the ocean and is ready to take in all adventurous students wanting to learn and have a good time. Mono Loco is yearning ...

Internship & Study Abroad Group

  • Internship / Study in Colombia, Panama, Spain & many more

    Internship & Study Abroad Group (ISAGroup) offers placements in Colombia, Panama, Spain, UK, USA, Ireland, Portugal, Malta, and Brazil. Want to undergo an internship? Want to undergo a study program? Want to do both? ISA Group offers flexibility t...

Spanish Panama

  • The Ultimate Spanish Experience in Panama City

    Ready to learn Spanish at the best Spanish school in Panama City? Look no further. Spanish Panama serves to provide a professional, dynamic, and fun learning experience that will fit a diverse group of people. Spanish Panama is a Canadian-Pan...

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