Language Schools in Oman

There are 3 organizations offering a total of 3 GoNomad Language Study programs


Language Vacation

  • Arabic Language Course and Immersion in Muscat, Oman

    Learn Arabic in Muscat and enjoy your Arabic learning vacation. Muscat Oman, which was once three separate cities and now bears the name of only one of the former towns, has become the lively capital of this Middle Eastern country. Muscat boasts t...

AL-Wasil Language Institute

  • Arabic for Special Needs at AL-Wasil Language Institute

    Looking to study at a university or work with a company in an Arabic-speaking country? Learn Arabic at AL-Wasil Language Institute, whether for academic or professional purposes. With the guidance of our competent teaching staff, honing your langu...

International Language Homestays

  • Language Homestay Course

    Eager to learn a new language? Study with International Language Homestays (ILH) and benefit from more than 30 years experience in teaching languages through a unique method - studying and living in your teacher’s home. Studying the ILH way is an e...

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