Language Schools in Nicaragua

There are 10 organizations offering a total of 10 GoNomad Language Study programs


ELI Abroad

  • ELI Abroad - Experiences to Change Your Life

    ELI Abroad, a registered non-profit organization, sends hundreds (not thousands) of people each year to intern or volunteer in 26 countries around the world. We’ve been doing this since 2000, and are staffed by a travel-savvy experienced team. Our ...

Language Vacation

  • Spanish Language Course and Immersion in Managua, Nicaragua

    Learn Spanish in Managua, enjoy your Spanish learning vacation in the capital city and largest city in Nicaragua. Located on the southwestern shore of Lake Managua, the city was declared the national capital in 1852. Prior to its inception as the ...

Spanish Dale! Language School

  • One-to-One Spanish Language Program in Granada, Nicaragua

    Spanish Dale is ready to give students an incredible lifetime experience through their incredible language immersion courses. Students will be based in the beautiful, colloquial town of Granada, Nicaragua and will participate in one-to-one sessions p...

Spanish Corner School

  • Learn Spanish in Nicaragua

    We offer homestays with Nicaraguan families. This is beneficial because you would be completely immersed, speaking Spanish with everyone around you. The price is US$135 for a homestay, or we can help you find a hostel or hotel here in San Juan del Su...

Spanish School Nicaragua

  • Learn Spanish in Esteli, Nicaragua

    At Spanish School Nicaragua we offer courses in Spanish as a second language. We teach students of all ages and nationalities to understand and speak the Spanish language. We love teaching kids, teens, families, expats, professionals, tourists, and r...

Ave Nicaraguita Spanish School

  • Spanish Immersion Through Volunteer in Granada, Nicaragua

    Volunteers get ready to embrace ALL that Nicaragua has to offer. Ave Nicaraguita is ready to accept volunteers who are ready to make changes within the community by tackling issues of poverty, lack of education, undernourishment, and much more. Not o...

SOL Spanish School

  • Spanish Immersion Adventures in Granada, Nicaragua

    Let the Spanish learning adventure begin with Sol Spanish School in Nicaragua. Located in the charming, rustic town of Granada, Sol Spanish School awaits the arrival of students who are ready for the ultimate Nicaraguan experience. Students inter...

Go Abroad Nicaragua

  • Study Abroad Programs for Private Groups in Nicaragua

    Looking to create a study abroad program to explore the beautiful country of Nicaragua? With Go Abroad Nicaragua (GAN). universities and private groups can now plan the ultimate program for participants! GAN hosts and develops exclusive short and...

Lago Azul

  • Learn Spanish on a Safe & Lively Beachfront in Nicaragua

    Participants across the globe looking for the best Spanish immersion school in Central America need to not look any further! Lago Azul Spanish School is located right on the beach in the stunning San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. Learning Spanish with som...

San Juan del Sur Spanish School

  • Learn Spanish in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

    Looking to immerse into the Spanish language while experiencing the incredible vibes an exciting beach town? Look no further, the San Juan del Sur Spanish School provides everything needed to create the ultimate Spanish learning experience. Student...

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