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There are 55 organizations offering a total of 138 GoNomad Language Study programs

Laboling - La scuola di italiano in Sicilia

  • Sicily - Italian Language Courses Milazzo

    Laboling offers language and culture courses in Milazzo. The school is located downtown, close to the beautiful beach Spiaggia di Ponente and the Aeolian Islands. It is one of the oldest and most historically significant cities in Sicily. It is also ...

Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera

  • Pintadera - Come learn Italian and experience Sardinia!

    Eager to learn Italian? Study with our teachers at Pintadera and gain an inspiring learning experience in beautiful Alghero. Receive support from energetic teachers who are all university graduates. We choose them for their teaching ability and engag...


  • Italian Language Course at the Language in Italy in Rome

    Take Italian courses in Rome through a program that includes the following: - Welcome party - Modern multimedia Internet room - 2 books and a cd rom - Wifi Area - Accommodation help service - Access to school facilities (library and video...

Global Language Institute

  • Study a language in beautiful and cultural Mexico

    GLI (Global Language Institute) offers comprehensive language course to fit all needs and levels. Whether you just want to learn phrases to communicate as a tourist, complete a full level or perfect a language, we offer all the possibilities for you ...

Scuola Tricolore

Scuola Tricolore has 1 program in 1 location. The program is offered in Italy

Centro Culturale Giacomo Puccini

  • Italian Language Courses by the Sea

    Centro Culturale Giacomo Puccini offers Italian language courses conceived with the idea of combining a beautiful holiday with a study vacation. Students can choose between group courses, individual lessons, or a combination of both. Individuals ...

Language On Miami Beach School

  • Intensive & Semi-Intensive English Course

    Language On is an accredited English school. We offer Intensive English Courses to international students and Semi-Intensive Courses to short term visitors. We also offer Business English Courses, TOEFL & IELTS Preparation Classes, Accent Reductio...

Omnilingua Scuola di Lingue

Omnilingua, Centro Linguistico e Culturale has 1 program in 1 location. The program is offered in Italy

Dubrovnik Language School

  • Language Courses in Dubrovnik

    Dubrovnik Language School provides high-quality summer language courses for international students. Residential summer courses deliver true international experience in fantastic locations with activities that ensure students return home happy and fil...

Torre di Babele - Italian Language School

  • Italian Courses in Rome with Torre di Babele

    Learn Italian in Rome with an established language school — Torre di Babele. We are located in the heart of Italy’s capital, allowing us to provide students with a special atmosphere. Our Italian classes are conducted in small groups, between ...

International Travel and Study Institute

  • Learn Italian in Rome, Italy

    Our Italian Language School in Rome offers a variety of Italian Lessons: from a relaxed vacation schedule to the intensity of an executive course; we are committed to excellence and the quality of our teaching methodology is our priority, no matter h...

Nikitas Language Abroad Schools

The NIK-LAS Internship & Study programme combines language course in several NIK-LAS destination with an internship placement after your course.

Academic Programs I.E.

  • Learn Italian by IE Studying Abroad in Florence - Italy!

    Istituto Europeo offers Italian lessons for all levels ranging from beginner to advanced in Florence. Method of teaching is based on the most innovative concepts of language instruction and gives students the opportunity to live the language on all l...


  • Host International Travelers and Get Free Language Lessons

    TalkTalkBnb offers the opportunity to learn a language for free with travelers from around the world in exchange for offering them accommodation. We are looking for hosts who may not currently be able to travel, but nevertheless have a passion for...

EF International Language Campuses

  • Learn Italian with EF in Italy

    Study Italian and explore the sights and culture of Italy at one of the best language schools in the country, the EF Centro Linguistico Internazionale in Rome. Located just around the corner from the Pantheon and lively Piazza Navona, our school is i...

Cultura Italiana Arezzo

  • Intensive Courses - Cultura Italiana Arezzo

    Cultura Italiana Arezzo's intensive courses are taught in small groups with typically 5-8 students and a maximum of 10 students. Lessons take place every day, from Monday to Friday, in the morning and are supplemented with extracurricular activities ...

AEI International Advising Agency Inc.

  • Free Advising and Placement Services for Language Courses

    AEI is renowned for offering reliable language abroad programs to those interested to learn a foreign language of another country. AEI study abroad agency provides free and personalized counseling and placement services for language studies abroa...

Istituto Galilei

Florence stands to Italian language like Oxford to English. This is the reason why for example in Rome, a city of 4 million inhabitants, there are no more than 10 schools of Italian while in Florence, a city which is ten times smaller than Rome, there are more than 40 schools. Florence is the place where Italian was born and the first writers such as Dante and Boccaccio were Florentine. Still our days Florence is the town in Italy where a purer Italian is spoken while in the most part of other cities there are both a stronger dialect and a heavy inflexion in the pronunciation which makes sometimes difficult to a foreigner to understand.

Eurolingua Institute SA

Language homestays combine living and studying abroad in your tutor’s own home. You can take advantage of learning at your own rhythm, pace and level, meeting friends, neighbours and professional colleagues etc to help improve your language skills.

Hochalpines Institut FTAN - High Alpine Institute FTAN

  • Hochalpines Institut Ftan (HIF) - Switzerland

    At the Hochalpines Institut Ftan, you’ll find we provide an innovative and inclusive learning environment, allowing our students to reach their full potential in a friendly, family-style environment. We pride ourselves on fostering international cu...

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