Language Schools in China

There are 51 organizations offering a total of 144 GoNomad Language Study programs


China Internship Placements

Join over 1000 participants annually drawn from all over the world for an intensive and interesting Chinese language Study Program. With over 9 years of delivering Chinese language skills to over 7000 participants, CIP combines immersion, Study, Trips, and Networking as well as Job opportunities to deliver satisfaction. At CIP, we are able to customize for all participants.

Keats School

Learn Chinese Mandarin in a short period of time either studying in Keats Chinese Language School in China or through an intensive online language program with Keats Online Chinese School. Participants from all over the world can maximize their Chinese language training through the provider's unique and effective activities. This program is offered throughout the year and can start anytime.

Go Abroad China Ltd.

Chinese Mandarin is one of the oldest languages all over the world and preferred language for business. Through Go Abroad China international language study program, individuals from all over the globe can participate in the intensive language training offered in one of the prestigious universities in Beijing and Shanghai. The program provides accommodations including fun cultural activities, housing, 24/7 international assistance, and more.

Hutong School

Our Intensive Chinese Program can enable you to reach a conversational level of Chinese in just 3 months time. With small group sizes and many activities and events organised every week, you can totally immerse yourself into the Chinese culture. Study in the city centre, join our unique community and have a China experience of a lifetime!

Chinese Language Institute (CLI)

  • Immersion Program - Learn Chinese in China

    Join the Chinese Language Institute (CLI) and learn Chinese through one-on-one language training and complete immersion. Located in the famed southern city of Guilin and officially affiliated with Guangxi Normal University, CLI delivers intensive Man...

International Programs

Travel to China on a language study program with International Programs. The programs place participants at the Mandarin House Chinese School in different locations, including Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing. In the courses, students learn how to speak and understand conversational Chinese. Participants are encouraged to focus on building conversational skills in the language. Internship programs are also available.

LTL Mandarin School

Live with a Chinese family in Beijing, learn Mandarin, immerse yourself into Chinese culture, share an apartment with local university students or spend a week in China’s ancient summer capital, and discover ancient China today. Join our student community for weekly dinners, Karaoke, our infamous LTL Beijing Friday night drinks or a trip to hike the Great Wall.

Putney Student Travel

  • Chinese Language Immersion Program | Putney Student Travel

    On this four-week language immersion program in China for students completing grades 9 – 12, take Mandarin classes each day in Beijing and immerse yourself in the city's culture and history. Then travel north to Chengde, where you have the opportun...

Knowledge Must

Taught by some of the best highly-qualified language instructors in China, participants will learn Mandarin in an engaging environment with Knowledge Must. Students can opt to learn Tibetan or Chinese. Participants also have the opportunity to explore the country's fascinating culture and gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese way of life.

Projects Abroad

International participants can travel to China this year with the help of Projects Abroad. The program offers Chinese Mandarin language courses in Chengdu and Shanghai. Venture in the awe inspiring Chinese culture and the fascinating tourist attractions of this great nation while mastering the basics of the Chinese language.

Oyster Worldwide

  • Oyster Worldwide - Earn money as an Au Pair in China

    Earn money as an Au Pair in a vibrant Chinese city. You can go for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 months and earn 1000 RMB ($160/£110) a month with a 6000 RMB completion bonus ($950/£675). You will also receive 20 Mandarin lessons while you are in China! All o...

ISA (International Studies Abroad)

  • ISA Study Abroad in Shanghai, China

    Shanghai (pop. 23,019,148) is China's largest city and financial capital. It is located on the central east coast of the country and enjoys moderate temperatures in the winter and hot summers. Shanghai has been a market city for over 1,000 years....

ESL - Language studies abroad

  • Learn Chinese (Mandarin) in China

    Become fluent in Chinese (Mandarin), as well as enjoy cultural immersion in one of the world’s most historically and culturally rich countries – China. The language travel organization, ESL Languages, provides high-quality language programs. Thes...

The National Registration Center for Study Abroad

Learn Mandarin Chinese in China with The National Registration Center for Study Abroad. The language programs are based in two of China's biggest cities, Shanghai and Beijing, where students take lessons in the comfort of modern schools. Programs include lodging at a student apartment, cultural activities, and international emergency and medical insurance.

LanguBridge Education Centre

  • Summer Chinese Immersion Program on University Campus

    By hosting our summer programs on a university campus, students are provided with a safe and quiet learning environment. By studying intensive courses with 20 classes per week, staying on campus or with our carefully selected host family, and parti...

CSA International - Non-Profit, Low Cost, Academic Study Abroad

Learn Chinese Mandarin through the Center of Study Abroad(CSA). Live either in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, or Hangzhou for a summer, a semester, or a full academic year. Students can explore China through language and cultural immersions in the local communities. The program is open to students from around the globe who want to gain a broader perspective of one of the world's top economies.


  • AFS China - Summer - Chinese Language and Culture Program

    Get an introduction to the Mandarin language through immersion in Chinese daily life. This four-week program offers you the opportunity to take introductory language classes during the day, and then put your skills to immediate use by interacting wit...

LoPair Au Pair China Program

  • Learning Chinese through Living with a Chinese Host Family

    Sign up for this award-winning cultural exchange program offered by LoPair! Hailed the 2017 IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award Winner, it gives you lifetime experiences in one of the world’s most beautiful countries. We provide a 3-12 month placement ...

Boston University Study Abroad

  • BUAbroad: Shanghai Chinese Language & Culture Program

    The Boston University Shanghai Chinese Language & Culture Program offers a semester of study in a vibrant and booming metropolis in China. Hosted at Fudan University and in collaborated with Fudan's School of Social Development and Public Policy, the...

Language Vacation

Explore China while partaking in a language course with Language Vacation. Located in Xi'an, Beijing, or Shanghai, participants can improve and develop their basic communication skills in the Chinese language through intensive classes. They also immerse themselves into the culture, traditions, customs of the country as they partake in organized social and cultural outings as well as weekend excursions.

Travellers Worldwide

Travellers Worldwide offers Mandarin language courses in China. Participants get the chance to study the language at the esteemed Yantai University. Beginner and advanced speakers can join the program.

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