Language Schools in Canada

There are 21 organizations offering a total of 38 GoNomad Language Study programs


Edu-inter, International French School in Quebec City

Most important French Summer camp for teenagers in Canada offered for more than 10 years! 10 different thematic programs are offered with French classes in the morning and workshops in the afternoon (multiactivity, tennis, circus, cooking, dance, soccer etc.) This highly international program welcomes students from more than 40 countries in the 100% French City of Québec. Students can stay, from 1 to 8 weeks, either with a 100% Francophone family or in the student residence with supervision 24h.

Learn & Experience

  • World Camp Canada - Fun & Adventure in British Columbia

    L&E World Camp Canada is a unique cultural 1/2 week experience for 8-15 year olds from around the world. The venue, Shawnigan Lake School is one of the best Independent Schools in Canada and its beautiful campus provides countless opportunities for y...

Language Vacation

There are four French language programs that students may select from in Canada with Language Vacation. Participants have the chance to take well rounded classes on the French language while exploring the picturesque cities of Quebec or Montreal by partaking in weekend excursions and organized cultural and social activities. In some programs, individuals receive language proficiency certificates and academic credits upon its completion.

Greenheart Travel

  • Teen Language Camp in Quebec, Canada with Greenheart Travel

    Improve your French fluency through a full language and cultural immersion program during Greenheart Travel’s teen summer language camp in Canada! You will get to study in downtown Quebec City, a bustling and historic city recognized as a UNESCO Wo...

American Language Programs, Inc.

  • American Language Programs, Inc. - Vancouver, B.C.

    Students from all over the world, ages twelve to eighty years old, professional and non-professional gain rapid facility in their use of English as a Second Language through our unique method of English language immersion. Students live (home stay) i...

Abbey Road Programs

  • Quebec City, Canada High School Summer Program

    Our Quebec program is designed for students who are interested in exploring the French language and culture in an authentic immersive environment, and enjoying a pre-college experience on a modern, comfortable college campus at the Université Laval ...

ESL - Language studies abroad

Immersion language study means that you will learn both inside and outside of the classroom. There is no better place to test out your new skills and vocabulary than in a native English-speaking environment and Canada’s anglophone (or bilingual) cities are perfect examples, where the locals are friendly and welcoming to visitors from around the world.

The National Registration Center for Study Abroad

  • Study French in Montreal, Canada

    The National Registration Center for Study Abroad is the leading language training which caters both to institutions and students. This program is conveniently based in Montreal, Canada and offers classes for all levels of French. The Center is lo...

CSA International - Non-Profit, Low Cost, Academic Study Abroad

  • Budget Low Cost - 6 French & English Language Schools

    Study French, or English, in Canada through a verified and fully accredited program. CSA is offering Intensive Language programs for either French or English learners. They provide flexible start dates year-around. Programs are available in weekl...

Jobs And Internships Abroad

  • English Language Course in Canada

    Looking to hone your English in Vancouver or Toronto? Jobs And Internships Abroad helps you enroll in a language course at the most reputable school in Canada. You will attend lessons in a relaxing environment surrounded by beautiful campuses and mod...

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