Language Schools in Australia

There are 11 organizations offering a total of 19 GoNomad Language Study programs


ELI Abroad

  • ELI Abroad - Experiences to Change Your Life

    ELI Abroad, a registered non-profit organization, sends hundreds (not thousands) of people each year to intern or volunteer in 26 countries around the world. We’ve been doing this since 2000, and are staffed by a travel-savvy experienced team. Our ...

International Programs

Live in Sydney for a few weeks while taking an intensive general English course with International Programs. Participants study at the Sydney College of English, which is recognized internationally as a top quality school. Classes are held 20 hours per week. Average course length is about two to 48 weeks. At the end of the course, students may opt to go on an internship program.


  • Learn English in One of Nine Destinations

    Learn English as part of a family while you work and discover a different culture with EPIC. Choose one of nine destinations to study English at one of the best language schools, including ILAC, Edu-Inter, Alpadia, and LSI. Our language study prog...

ESL - Language studies abroad

  • Learn English in Australia

    ESL Languages offers various courses in different cities in Australia such as standard and intensive course, one-to-one course, business course, combined course, intensive course and work experience placement, official certificate preparation courses...

Travellers Worldwide

  • Language and Cultural Courses - Something Different!

    These are our "Off The Wall" projects that focus on language and culture - the out of ordinary, the different and the crazy! These projects are uncommon, exciting, fun and beneficial at the same time! So if you like the unusual or the quirky, here ...

Jobs And Internships Abroad

  • English language course in Australia

    Jobs And Internships Abroad invites non-native speakers of English to improve their language skills in Sydney, one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world. Sydney has an extremely pleasant climate, multicultural population, paradisa...

AEI International Advising Agency Inc.

  • Free Advising and Placement Services for Language Courses

    AEI is renowned for offering reliable language abroad programs to those interested to learn a foreign language of another country. AEI study abroad agency provides free and personalized counseling and placement services for language studies abroa...

Eurolingua Institute SA

Australia is a fantastic place to learn English as you can benefit from being taught by and conversing with native English speakers. Australia is a vast country with great opportunities for travel and learning English in Australia gives you the opportunity to practice your new language skills while enjoying the experience that this great country has to offer.


The Australian Eurocentres location offers the opportunity to learn English in the curious land down under, home of Kangaroos and many other unique animal species. The large diversity of participants gives learners a multicultural experience, while they constantly practice their new skills with native English speakers.

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