Online Kiswahili Lessons, Live from Kilimanjaro, Tanzania!

Location: Tanzania: Kilimanjaro, Moshi

Dates: Year Round

World Unite!

P.O. Box 3648 Stone Town, Zanzibar Tanzania


Can you hardly leave your house because of coronavirus? Why not do online Kiswahili Language Lessons! offered live by our coordinators in Moshi Kilimanjaro, Tanzania - Adelina and Miriam.

Online Language Lessons have many advantages:

- You can gain intercultural knowledge through our preparation and the communications with our team as well as other joining participants abroad.
- This additional skill will look great on your CV/resume!
- You will gain skills in the use of digital technologies for video conferences, online meetings, online project management etc., which will become even more important in post-corona crisis times
- By doing an online learning without physically sharing an office/classroom with colleagues and superiors, you will also improve your skills of self-motivation, self-organization and working independently. We prepare you and support you with this!
- The internship is inexpensive because there are no travel expenses and additional accommodation costs.


  • German
  • Swahili

Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching
  • English
  • German

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Worldwide Participant.

Application Process Involves
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