Spanish Language Immersion in Ecuador and the Galápagos

Location: Ecuador: Galapagos Islands, Quito

Program Duration: 2-4 Weeks

Dates: 2020

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On this Putney Student Travel summer program for students completing grades 9 – 12, combine language immersion and service/volunteer work to maximize your summer experience.

Immerse yourself in Ecuadoran life in a small mountain village. Practice your Spanish each day as you work hand in hand with Ecuadorian friends. Volunteer on meaningful community service initiatives ranging from volunteer construction projects to running a summer camp for local children to helping farmers harvest crops.

To further your Spanish, live for one week with a welcoming local family for a one-week homestay. End your program with several days in the Galápagos Islands for outdoor exploration, learning, and continued Spanish speaking.


*Use your Spanish with Ecuadorian friends during a community workday (or minga) to refurbish a local building.
*Celebrate the Inti-Raymi harvest festival with traditional Quechua costumes, song, and dance.
*Practice your soccer vocabulary during a pick up game of football with local students.
*Climb to the equatorial glacier of Cotopaxi, the world’s largest active volcano.
*Observe marine iguanas, sea turtles, and Galápagos penguins in their natural habitat.

Travel Types
  • Surfing
  • Nature Tours
  • Student Tours
  • Hiking
  • Eco Tours
  • Horseback Riding
  • Homestay
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  • Outdoor Education
  • Experiential Learning
  • Community Service & Volunteering
  • Language Immersion

  • Spanish

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