Conflicts and Policy in Post-Soviet States

Location: Armenia: Yerevan; Georgia: Batumi, Tbilisi; Moldova: Chisinau; Romania: Bucharest

Term: Fall, Spring, Summer

Dates: Year Round

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This semester course introduces the general theories of conflict and conflict resolution, augmented by intensive Russian language study. It includes case studies on the conflicts in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

Our approach explores the links among state policy and conflicts, conflict resolution, and conflict prevention. We’ll explore the connection between these conflicts and international terrorism, the future of conflict prevention and preventive diplomacy, and the processes of integration and disintegration in the Post-Soviet Space (PSS).

The program’s main part will be spent in Chisinau, Moldova for 12 weeks. After the foundation coursework, students will stay in Armenia for 1 week, Georgia for 2 weeks and, finally, in Romania for 3 days.

The course consists of 240 hours of Russian language and daily lessons in conflict studies. Lectures, which are led by local scholars and guest speakers, will be discussed in or translated to English. Some of these lectures will be conducted via Skype. Students are offered the chance to regularly and informally socialize with Russian-speaking peers, who will be instrumental in developing conversational skills.

The cost includes accommodation with a Russian-speaking family, which will help ensure a better grounding in the language as well as local culture of each country visited.


- Program Location

The course is based in Moldova (12 weeks), Armenia (1 week), Georgia (2 weeks), and Romania (3 days).

- RS-391 Conflict and Policy Course (60 academic hours)

Students will achieve a broad understanding of the origins, engines, evolution and the future of conflicts in the PSS, and various methods to manage and resolve them. All courses (except Russian language sessions) are taught in English and designed to fulfill credit requirements in multiple areas.

- RUSS 100/200/300/400 Russian Language Course (240 academic hours)

Russian lessons will be tailored to fit your specific language needs and personal interests. These lessons will perfectly complement your language practice on the streets and at home.

- Multicultural Lab

In addition to the lectures and guest speakers for PC-301, students will participate in related excursions, travel, roundtables with local university students, and hands-on cultural events in four countries to further improve their knowledge of the modern cultures and peoples being studied. Students will complete a substantial research project for this course.

- University credits

Student evaluations will be based on the expressed learning objectives of the course and the results of the final examination.

Travel Types
  • Student Tours
  • Nature Tours
  • Homestay
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  • Russian

Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching
  • English
  • Russian

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This Program is open to

American, European, Canadian, Australian, South African, British, Irish Participant.

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  • Home-stays
  • Guest House

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