Affordable Italian Course in Rome

Location: Italy: Rome

Dates: 2019,2020,2021,Year Round

Nikitas Language Abroad Schools

P.O. Box 900208 Far Rockaway, New York 11690 United States


Improve your skills in speaking the Italian language as teachers will be checking on your progress continuously during your course and will discuss with you any particular difficulties, which arise in the teaching program. At the end of each course and each level, your progress will be assessed with a written test. At the completion of various levels, you can qualify for other certificates as valid proof of communicative abilities in the Italian language. Students receive Certificato di Conoscenza at the end of the third level and Diploma di Lingua Italiana at the end of the fifth level.

Classes are taught in small study groups with a maximum of 12 participants, or in individual classes. A whole range of activities is offered for students to gain insight into the Italian culture.

Courses follow the Didactic program according to level, thus focusing on the following areas:
- Intensive grammar study
- Phonetics Development of vocabulary
- Syntax and application
- Listening and comprehension
- Dialogue and communication
- Situation method Idiomatic and phraseology
- Written and oral comprehension
- Lecture and analysis
- Live guided discussion and synthesis
- Conversation

Degree Level


  • Italian

Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • French
  • English

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Special Offers:
- 20% discount off tuition cost for 65 days early booking.
- 10% off lodging for 8+ weeks stay in Flat share.
- 15% off tuition cost for registration completion before Jan 31st for Spring programs
- 15% off tuition cost for registration completion before April 30th for Summer programs

Credit Available


This Program is open to

Worldwide Participant.

Participants Travel to Italy

Independently or in Groups

Application Process Involves
  • Online Application
  • Written Application
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