Online Greek Summer Courses in Cyprus, June 2020

Location: Cyprus: Larnaca

Dates: 2020,Year Round

Learn4Good Larnaca

Leoforos Meneou 98, Kiti Larnaca, 7550 Cyprus


Learn4Good Larnaca offers online Greek language courses that are ideal for foreign-speaking adults who are interested in Cyprus and its local language, expats in the country, English-Cypriots who want to improve their skills in the language, and international students in one of the universities in Cyprus. There are courses for students of varying levels of proficiency.

Course Content
Language Functions :
- Greetings
- Basic expressions/questions
- Basic dialogues
- Exchange of personal and family information
- Buying at a shop/kiosk/restaurant
- Describing people/objects
- Numbers/numerals/prices/time
- Speaking on an everyday routine
- Role play in real life communicative situations
- Vocabulary: colors, clothes, professions, fruits, etc.

Grammar and Use of Language :
- Alphabet/sounds
- Syllabication system/stress system
- Verb “eimai” / conjugation A/B1/B2/irreg. (present tense)
- Some useful passive voice verbs (present tense)
- Articles (definite-indefinite)
- Gender of nouns (singular - plural)
- Possessive, personal, question pronouns
- Cases of nouns, adjectives

  • Greek

Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching
  • Russian
  • English

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All teaching materials
A Folder

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This Program is open to

Worldwide Participant.

Participants Travel to Cyprus


Application Process Involves
  • Online Application
Typically The Application Process Time is
1 week
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