Spanish Language Course and Immersion on Margarita Island

Location: Venezuela: Margarita Island

Term: Throughout the year

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Enroll in a Spanish language course at a school in the beautiful residential area of Playa El Angel on Margarita Island, Venezuela. Language courses start on Monday and finish on Friday. Students will attend 25 group lessons per week and receive learning materials and instructional documents as the course progresses. Program participants in this language and immersion course will be studying and living with like-minded adult international students. Accommodation is with a host family, in a single room. Participants will get two meals per day.

Students will have the opportunity to go on three excursions, mostly to different beaches, every week. They can also spend their free time exploring nearby Pampatar, one of the most typical and beautiful towns, San Carlos castle, a Spanish fort from the time of the conquest, and the Casa de la Aduana, or House of Customs.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded with a language proficiency certificate.


1. Learn Spanish in a language and immersion course in Venezuela.

2. Attend about 25 group lessons per week, or five lessons per day.

3. Study with like-minded international students.

4. Stay with a Venezuelan host family and learn about their culture.

5. Spend your free time on different beaches on Margarita Island, or explore the nearby city of Pampatar.

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Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching
  • Spanish

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Worldwide Participant.

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48 hours
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