Spring Business Study Abroad Program in Prague (Feb-May)

Location: Czech Republic: Prague

Term: Fall, Spring, Summer

Dates: 2017,2018,2019,2020,Year Round

2956 Florence Dr SW Grand Rapids, MI 49418-9736 United States


This exciting business program lets students experience the beautiful and historic city of Prague while earning credit at the University of Economics. The University of Economics was founded in 1919 and is accredited by the Czech ministry of education. The program provides studies in the economies, societies and cultures of Central and East European countries. The courses include business practicalities, marketing, history and culture. Students can choose to study four to five courses.

The aim of the program is to offer foreign students something they cannot receive from their home universities: the opportunity to reside in and experience the dynamic, exciting conditions in Central Europe through professional insight and instruction by native Czech professors and business professionals. The strategy of the program is to offer this objective through daily social interactions and course curriculum. When the students complete the program they will have accumulated a large amount of knowledge about Central and East European cultural attitudes and daily life. At the same time students can learn a lot about living in Central Europe, everyday life in thee Czech Republic and to get know Czech culture and habits.

High Quality and Modern Apartments in a Historical Residence in the Heart of Prague!
The program cost includes a double room in an apartment. A single room is available for an extra fee.


• Each course = 6 ECTS or 3 US credits
• Each course is 4 teaching hours per week
• Fridays are usually free for study tours, homework, attending guest lectures, or other activities
• Students should choose at least three courses, although under special circumstances permission may be granted for a student to take fewer.
• Syllabus is available upon request

• The program accepts both graduate and undergraduate students. Roughly half of the students attending the program already have an undergraduate degree and half of them are pursuing their undergraduate degrees.
• The student must have at least a 2.5 grade point average on a scale of 4.0 or an equivalent good standing at the home university
• Admission is based on the student’s university transcript, application, resume (CV), and English language knowledge
It is required that a student applying for admission must have at least one year (2 semesters) finished at his/her university

• CEEP 001 Elementary Czech
• IP 311 Sociological Problems of Contemporary European Society
• IP 312 International Strategy
• IP 314 International Management
• IP 315 Entrepreneurship and New Business Venturing
• IP 317 Globalization and World Politics
• IP 323 Marketing in Central and Eastern Europe
• IP 325 European Integration
• IP 327 Cultural History of the Czech Lands
• IP 331 Global Business and International Trade
• IP 334 International Relations
• IP 335 International Finance
• IP 340 International Marketing Communications

• Arrival Days: February 3-4
• Orientation week: February 5-11
• Classes start: February 12
• 2 day trip to Krakow, Poland - March
• 2 day trip to Vienna, Austria - April
• 2 day trip to Berlin, Germany - May
• End of classes: May 11
• Departure dates: May 12-13

3 International Excursions are included in the program cost!

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  • English

Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching
  • English

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