Study Spanish in Bilbao, Spain

Location: Spain: Bilbao

Term: Throughout the year

Dates: 2020,2021

Bailen 5, 2dcha Bilbao, Vizcaya 48003 Spain

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Our Institute:
Our fully accredited language training center is located in one of the most interesting areas of Spain. Educational programs provide a unique combination of in-class work and outside activities. We are not only a 'School for Spanish', we are an 'Institute for Languages and Cross-Cultural Training'. The Institute is located in the very heart of the financial city center. From our facilities overlooks the Ibaizabal river, the old part of the town and the most traditional park of the city. We supply a broad variety of courses. This is a highly individualized program designed to meet your personal interests, level of Spanish, academic and/or professional needs. We assist you to assimilate Spanish easily and quickly, no matter if you know any grammar or not. Our professionally trained teachers will patiently help you and answer any questions you might have about a topic. Each teacher is available to help any individual with issues of cultural adaptation or of a personal nature which may hinder their progress in learning Spanish.


Coming to Bilbao means:
* Fluent Spanish
* Marvelous beaches
* Night life
* Mountains
* Guggenheim museum
* Wide cultural offer
* Friendly people
* Excellent transport network (international airport, metro, train, bus, streetcar..)
* Close to the border to France
* Impressive cuisine

Note: Ferry available from U.K (Portsmouth-Bilbao)

Reasons to Choose Bilbao:
* The Spanish spoken in Bilbao is of a high standard
* Surrounded by wonderful beaches and mountains
* High social and economic level of the population
* Excellent transport network, with international airport, metro, trains, buses... and communications with the major Spanish and European cities.
* Only 1 hour by car to the border with France
* The Guggengheim Museum is only a small part of a much wider cultural scene.
* You will feel at home in such a hospitable city.
* Rich in tradition and history
* Excellent cuisine

Is one of the largest, most vibrant cities in Spain. It is surrounded by mountains and beautiful beaches. Its climate, with an average year-round temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, is ideal. The quality of life here is one of Bilbao's best hallmarks. Bilbao is also famous for its University student life, the 'tapas'bars, its cultural attractions, its gardens, its great shopping and for its beautiful buildings. Here, you will find a vibrant street-life, which is why it is sometimes referred to as 'The capital of joy and satisfaction'. Bilbao, known as one of the main financial, communications, and cultural capitals of Spain, offers students a dazzling array of cultural events and institutions, educational resources, entertainment, sport events as well as restaurants, markets, shops and services of every imaginable kind. There are many reasons these days to choose a language course in Bilbao because, there is more to find here than impressive architecture, living history, friendly people and lots of sun. Being located on the coast, enables you to practice all manner of water sports, and also tennis, swimming, horse back-riding and walking, all of which are compatible with our courses. You can also spend your spare time visiting the excellent bars and restaurants, specialized in regional cooking, as well as enjoying our traditional dances or visiting the beautiful natural surroundings.

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  • Spanish

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  • Spanish
  • English

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