Learn French in Orléans, Loire Valley

Location: France: Orleans

Term: Winter, Fall

Dates: 2019,2020,2021

Institute of French Language - University of Orléans

10 rue de Tours BP 46527 Orléans, Centre - Val de Loire 45065 France


The French Institute offers five diplomas which correspond to the five levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. These may be obtained after completing one semester (from September to December or from January to May).

Each diploma includes from 19 to 20 hours of class each week, which go to make up the semestral Units of Instruction (UI) that are cumulated. The courses develop a number of skills such as reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written production and spoken production. These skills are acquired by studying the French language, culture and civilisation.

-DUEF A1 level = 228 hours
-DUEF A2 level = 240 hours
-DUEF B1 level = 234 hours
-DUEF B2 level = 228 hours
-DUEF C1 level = 228 hours

At the beginning of the semester, a placement test is taken in order to orient new students and offer the training that is adapted to their level of French proficiency. Each student then joins the most appropriate course of study for his or her level.


1. Benefit from the various facilities offered at the university, including University libraries and multimedia laboratory, University restaurants (14 outlets including brasserie food or snacks), 140 student associations, sports facilities (more than 50 activities), health center (free of charge service), and Cultural center of the University, Le Bouillon.

2. Develop autonomy and collaborative work/learning with the new communication technologies and information provided in the classroom.

3. Receive personalized educational support with class sizes limited to a maximum of 15 students.

Degree Level


Minimum Education

High School

  • French

Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching
  • French

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This Program is open to

Asian, Worldwide, Kiwi, South African, Australian, Canadian, European, American Participant.

Application Process Involves
  • Written Application
  • Online Application
Typically The Application Process Time is
7 days
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