Homestay Hindi Language Immersion Program in Jaipur, India

Location: India: Jaipur

Term: Throughout the year

Dates: Year Round

Hindi Hour

3 TA 25, JAWAHAR NAGAR NEAR SBI BANK AT MATRIX MALL Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004 India


Hindi Hour is a Hindi language school in Jaipur, India. It offers intensive language study in Hindi and a three-week to four-week homestay that can further facilitate cross-cultural learning. The program arranges homestays with local families where students have the opportunity to practice their Hindi with their host.

The Hindi course is a mix of script, grammar lessons, and individual speaking practice sessions. Students learn all aspects, including reading, writing, and speaking, during the course. The program is fully customizable to the requirements of the students. Any special requirements, such as consolidation on any one aspect, like spoken, is also taken cared of. For students who want to avoid learning Hindi script, the course is offered through Roman script.

Courses are available year round. Students just need to plan their dates and apply for the course.


1. Have the opportunity to live with a local family in India.

2. Experience the culture, food, and life in India.

3. Learn practical Hindi.

4. Customize your program to fit your needs.

  • Hindi

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Worldwide Participant.

Typical Living Arrangements
  • Apartment/Flat
  • Group living
  • Home-stays
  • Independent living

Application Process Involves
  • Written Application
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