Academic French Communication

Location: France: Montpellier

Dates: 2020,2021


CFLE-CIHEAM-IAMM Bât. B - Bureau 003 3191, route de Mende Montpellier, 34093 France


If you’re a Master or PhD student from a university in France or other francophone countries, take the Academic French Communication course offered by the French Language Center.

This is an ideal program for individuals who have already taken French classes and already know the basics of the language. The academic writing course is a great option for master’s or doctoral students writing a thesis or dissertation in French.

The program prerequisite is a B2 level (upper intermediate) in French. Course content includes the following:
- Mastering written difficulties
- Organizing written discourse
- Perfecting grammar
- Making a scientific presentation


1. General French - according to the specific needs of the group

2. Scientific French - Life Sciences and Agronomy

3. Academic requirements  writing, oral presentation, taking notes, and bibliogaphy

  • French

Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching
  • French

Cost in US$:

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Content :

General French (according to the specific needs of the group),
Academic requirements (taking notes, writing, oral presentation, bibliography).

Credit Available


Experience Required


This Program is open to

Worldwide Participant.

Typical Living Arrangements
  • Independent living
  • Guest House
  • Group living
  • Dormitory
  • Apartment/Flat
  • Other

Application Process Involves
  • Online Application
  • In-Person Interview when Feasible
  • Phone/Video Interview
  • Written Application
Typically The Application Process Time is
1 month
Year Founded