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Location: Spain: Alicante, Barcelona, Cadiz and 14 other cities

Program Duration: 1-2 Weeks, 2-4 Weeks, 5-8 Weeks, 3-6 Months, 7-12 Months

Dates: Year Round

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If you’re looking to learn Spanish, do it in Spain – a nation abundant with happiness and people are encouraged to engage in conversations. Its rich history has produced multiracial associations and a multicultural population, making Spain an exciting destination for learning and exploration.

With the assistance of our friendly and professional team at ESL Languages, you can choose a specific city where you will join a program tailored to your needs. Enroll in a course that matches your learning goals and interests:

* Standard
* Intensive
* One-to-one
* Combined

We offer special courses and exam preparations, as well as packages for specific age groups.

Studying Spanish in Spain go beyond learning within the four walls of your classroom. Spend time practicing your newly learned skills through sightseeing trips, excursions, tours, and plenty of other activities.


You feel encouraged to stroll along the streets, to experience the cities and towns out in the open air, whether on the Valencian squares where you can contemplate the remains of past civilisations, in the Andalusian gardens which still maintain established Islam traditions, or on the Catalan beaches where you can bask in the sun. When the night comes, the place comes alive at the foot of the apartment blocks and every space becomes an excuse to have a party. From the Carneval to Holy Week, and from ferias to flamenco festivals, the calendar of celebrations is filled in quickly in Spain. It's just impossible to be able to participate in them all, particularly as they are generally accompanied by huge meals and the tapas are just for starters...Therefore,in order to take a rest from the banquets, Spain also offers a range of leisure activities which are more calm, with a dense network of well-maintained museums. Among the highlights of Spanish culture, besides Dali and Picasso, football falls into a good position, especially if you are staying in the kingdom of Real Madrid or in the empire of Barca. Therefore, it's best to check the number on your football jersey before you leave.

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