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Location: Japan: Fukuoka, Gifu and 2 other cities

Dates: Year Round

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Explore the beauty and rich heritage of Japan with ESL and our language learners from around the globe. Study with us and guarantee fluency in Japanese while learning local culture and way of life.

ESL offers diverse opportunities in Japan language schools through (but not limited to) the following courses:
* Hiragana or Katakana course (special beginners)
* Conversation course
* Intensive course
* Standard course
* Japanese culture

Whether you’re wandering through streets with flashy neon lights in Osaka or exploring temples and water gardens in Kyoto, you will discover plenty of surprising aspects of Japan. And you will take in most of these with the help of ESL – Languages, an organization accredited by quality control bodies in the education and tourism industries.


1. Choose learning Japanese language in a destination of your choice - Tokyo, Fukuoka, Gifu, and Kanazawa.

2. Practice the language while outside the room through speaking with native Japanese students and locals.

3. Study in a classroom filled with quality equipment and resources.

4. Enjoy the historical buildings, parks, museums, and sporting facilities.

5. Discover Japan and its greatest treasures.

  • Japanese

Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching
  • English

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