Terramare Italian Language Courses by the Sea

Location: Italy: Orbetello, Oristano

Dates: Year Round

Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana Terramare


Via Roma 42 Orbetello, Grosseto 58015 Italy

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Strengthen your fluency in Italian with Terramare, a language school founded in Orbetello (Tuscany's Maremma) in 1986. We specialize in teaching Italian to foreigners and, at present, we are developing an interesting collaboration with the University for Foreigners Siena through courses aimed to accumulate credits.

For more than 20 years, we have accompanied students on their journey of discovery while immersing in Italian language, as well as the region’s natural surroundings and history. You'll find our school in the ancient city of Orbetello, in a beautiful town that blends historical, urban and natural features. This setting offers ideal conditions for meeting people.

Orbetello, surrounded by its lagoon, offers a scenic panorama made up of spectacular landscapes. These include wetlands of WWF Bird Sanctuaries; two strips of accumulated sand - Feniglia and Giannella - known by the Tuscan name of "Tomboli" that close the lagoon and open onto the sea with their long beaches; Maremma Natural Park; and Argentario Promontory.

We offer a unique opportunity for those who want to learn a foreign language and practice it in active everyday situations. Our courses guarantee full immersion in Italian culture and nature. We're waiting for you, ciao!


The school is open all year round and it's possible to enrol at any time: every Monday the new students take a little test to determine their level and to enable us to create homogeneous classes.

Classes are always small (minimum 2 maximum 6). There are six levels recognized by the Common European Framework for Languages: from elementary to upper level.

Our courses, specially tailored to any requirement, are aimed to exploring all the specific linguistic areas such as Italian for art or architecture, history; Italian for economics, business, medicine, banking etc...

The student can choose one the following courses:

Standard courses
* Intensive groupe (20 hrs/wk Italian Language and Culture)
* Combined (20hrs/wk classes + 10hrs/wk individual)
* Individual intensive (20/30hrs/wk)
* Individual non intensive (10hrs/wk)

Special courses
* Language Nature and Sporting activities (20hrs/wk classes + 3 afternoon sporting activities/wk)
* Language Mediterranean cuisine and the Wine Trail (20hrs/wk classes + 3 afternoon special activities/wk)
* Language Art and Archaelogy/Pottery and Painting workshop (20h/wk classes + 3 afternoon visit to archaelogical and historical sites and museums; architectonic, artistic sites and monuments or pottery/painting workshop)
* Language Literature and Drammatization workshop (20hrs/wk classes + 3 afternoon special activities)
* Italian and yoga
* The economic correlation between the lagoon of Orbetello and the Sea
* Archeology and history: Etruscans and Romans, Middle Age and Renaissance
* Wine and gastronomy in the Maremma: typical disches and wines
* The language of travelling: Educational journey through 4 Italian regions - Tuscany, Sardinia, Umbria and Lazio
* From creating to speaking: art and archeology in museums and archeological sites

  • Italian

Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching
  • Italian

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This Program is open to

American, Australian, Canadian, European, Kiwi, South African, Worldwide Participant.

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Independently or in Groups

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Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana Terramare's Mission Statement

Our school was founded in 1986 in collaboration with the Koine School in Florence. Also presently with the University for Foreigners of Siena, our school offers courses which can be accumulated for university credits for students from universities all over the world. For over 20 years it has accompanied students on their journey of discovery of, not just the Italian language, but also of this unique, natural and historic region. It is run by a co-operative of highly qualified teachers with many years experience of teaching Italian as a foreign language. Over the years, they have built up their know-how in intercultural communication, including the design of courses aimed at the linguistic and cultural integration of foreign students in state schools. We, therefore, offer a unique opportunity for those who want to learn a language, and also want practice using in active everyday situations . Our courses guarantee full immersion in Italian Culture and Nature.

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