Athena Study Abroad in Tuscania, Italy

Location: Italy: Tuscania

Term: Fall, Spring, Summer, Academic Year

Dates: 2020,2021,Year Round

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Athena's Tuscania campus of the Lorenzo de' Medici School (LdM) is a private institution located in the old town center of this charming medieval city. Classes are held in an ancient building that recently underwent a full internal restoration.

Students are given close, one-on-one attention with school staff and faculty. The school promotes and facilitates cultural exchange with locals, and continually works to ensure an all-absorbing experience of growth and discovery through academic and cultural development.

U.S. accredited transcripts available, if necessary, through Marist College in New York at an additional fee.

LdM is equipped with modern computer and language labs, comfortable classrooms, knowledgeable faculty, diverse course offerings (from language or theater, to archaeology or history). One of the primary missions of the Lorenzo de' Medici School, is to promote global education through authentic cultural immersion programs and a diverse international student population.


The walled Etruscan city of Tuscania is a charming, medieval town nestled in the Italian hillside outside of Rome. A rich collection of Italian, Etruscan and church history, Tuscania in many ways seems untouched by time.

Because of the city's smaller size, students are able to gain an authentic Italian cultural experience in this preserved city. Tuscania's close proximity to many of the country's other famous cities (Rome, Siena, Florence) conveniently positions students within reach of several of Italy's other wonders.

* Small town allows students to gain an authentic Italian cultural experience
* Features eighth century church San Pietro
* Conveniently located near many of Italy's famous sites including Rome, Florence, Siena, Tarquinia, Pisa and the Mediterranean Sea
* Bolsena Lake is only 20 minutes away

Housing is available in student apartments or homestays. Bedrooms are usually doubles, so it is advisable to reserve single rooms well in advance. To facilitate housing requests, Athena recommends students apply early in order to secure the best available accommodations.

Students are provided exceptional recreational opportunities within and beyond Tuscania. These include student clubs, guided visits to historic sites, social activities (dinners at characteristic local restaurants, etc.), seasonal festivals, special events and conferences, field trips, theatre, concerts, and much more.

Through the Service Club, students are provided with an opportunity to get immersed in their host culture, build friendships and practice Italian! Students join and volunteer their time at different places in Tuscania. Some suggested areas of service are:

-The Town Hall
-Public Library
-The Theater "Rivellino"
-Etruscan Museum in Tuscania
-Public School
-The Volunteer Association
-A Catholic Church in the historical town center
-Catholic Church Choir
-The Association of Archaeological Culture and Art
-Tourist Agency
-Operations of Tourism
-Wine and Olive-Making Company
-The Place of Oil and Vinification Processes
-Red Cross
-Put a smile on the faces of elderly people

Degree Level


Minimum Education

High School

Cost in US$:

Contact Provider for Cost Details

Cost Includes:

Cost Include Description:

* Tuition
* Housing in shared student apartment or homestays
* Utilities up to $75/month
* Meals (depending on housing accommodation chosen)
* Cultural activities (see "Field Trip" section for possible adventures!)
* Arrival pickup in Rome
* Student services including cultural and social events (some for additional fees)
* On-site orientation
* Welcome and farewell receptions
* Services of an on-site student advisor
* Internet access
* On-campus library services
* Pre-departure guide and advising
* Online account management
* Coordination of program alumni contact
* Cell phone rental with free incoming calls, including from the U.S.
* 24-hour emergency line to advisors (health issues)
* Health insurance from HTH Worldwide, a global leader in international health insurance
* Official transcript from Scuola Lorenzo de' Medici (LdM)
* Arrangement of U.S. accredited transcript, if necessary (additional transcript fees apply)
* Advice on acquiring an Italian student VISA
* Assistance in preparing documents for Permit of Stay
* Contribution to a world charity through Students Offering Support (S.O.S.), the charitable arm of Athena
* Unparalleled personalized service

Credit Available


This Program is open to

American, Canadian Participant.

Typical Living Arrangements
  • Apartment/Flat
  • Home-stays
  • Other

Participants Travel to Italy


Application Process Involves
  • Disciplinary Clearance Form
  • Essay
  • Online Application
  • Other
  • Transcript
  • Letters of Reference
Post Services Include
  • Alumni Network