Intensive French Group Lessons for Adults (max. 8 students)

Location: Belgium: Brussels

Term: Fall, Spring Break, May Term, Throughout the year, Academic Year, Trimester, Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall, Spring Break, May Term, Throughout the year, Academic Year, Trimester, Winter, Summer, Spring

Program Duration: Summer, Alternative Spring Break, 9-12 Weeks, 5-8 Weeks, 3-6 Months, 2-4 Weeks, 1-2 Weeks, Alternative Spring Break, Summer, 9-12 Weeks, 5-8 Weeks, 3-6 Months, 2-4 Weeks, 1-2 Weeks

Dates: 2020,2021,2022,Year Round

AMIRA Language School

14/16 rue des deux églises BRUSSELS, Belgium

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Join Amira's Year-round French Daily Intensive Small Group Courses for Adults. Each class has a maximum of 8 students, and starts at the beginning of any cycle.

You can take Amira's Daily Intensive French Small Group Courses (Monday to Friday) or the Individual French Immersion Courses (private French lessons) intended for one or two students. Plus, you can add French Language Workshops to any program and practice even more.

Each short intensive group cycle covers half a Council of Europe level for 40 hours within 3 weeks (July to mid-October over 2 weeks). Lower-level classes are conducted in the mornings, while higher-level classes are in the afternoons.

Start from the very beginning or at any level and make step-by-step progress together with students of similar knowledge of French in a small, motivated group. Finish when you want!

Small groups mean you'll have plenty of opportunity for conversation and practice with your teacher and fellow students. And, naturally, Amira's courses are lively and fun, helping you make progress in a structured course with great teachers.

1 Level paid 10 days before the start date: 380€
1 level 40 hours: 420 euros
2 consecutive levels 80 hours: 680 euros
3 consecutive levels 120 hours: 940 euros

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Developing your skills in talking and writing. It enables you to develop and communicate your thoughts and opinions effectively. Language facilitates more complex thinking and learning processes.

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American, European, Australian, Canadian, South African, Kiwi, Irish, British, Asian, Worldwide, Worldwide, Kiwi, South African, Australian, Canadian, European, American, Irish, British, Asian Participant. This Program is also open to Couples and Individuals.

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