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American Language Programs is a private homestay program with intensive English language instruction wherein students stay in the homes of their American teachers. Within their program they receive individualized teaching according to their level in English. The emphasis of our program is that students have the opportunity to practice what is preached! In other words, their entire stay is practice in using English. Their teacher and homestay host is a very qualified teacher usually with many years of training/experience and one or more academic degrees from well-known American colleges and/or universities. Students become immersed in the daily lives of their families and practice English their entire stay. Lessons are private (one-on-one) and scheduled at the discretion of teacher/student but usually during morning hours. Meals and trips are with teachers and their host family. This method of perfecting a second language has proven to be very successful. Numerous studies support this. Why don't you join us on an adventure of a lifetime? Learn the language of the world, English, and share in an American experience!

Selected side-trips to neighboring cities are available through arrangements with your ALP teachers and ALP Corporate Office. These trips will be at an added, reasonable cost, per student and subject to the time of year and interests of students.

We offer year-around enjoyment and study to our students. Students can plan a combination of two or more states and/or programs.


ALP-Florida welcomes you to Palm Beach & Boca Raton, Florida! Palm Beach offers endless stretches of pristine beaches nestled against the exotic blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This ocean location offers scuba diving galore -- but don't forget the dozens of challenging golf courses or Lion Country where you can get a close up view of African Wildlife from the safety of your car. An international airport is only 3.5 miles away! What more could you ask for? Nearby Boca Raton offers romantic scenery as well as festive nightlife. It abounds in beautiful buildings and exquisite beaches not to mention a fascinating cultural history. This lovely area makes an equally desirable place for study and relaxation.

ALP-Florida welcomes you to Miami! The tropical climate and landscape of Miami are only part of what makes this a major visitor destination. The city's cultural diversity is another incentive. Nearly half of Miami's two-million-plus population, is Hispanic, accounting for the fact that Spanish is as prevalent as English. To sample some of Miami's Spanish offerings, visit Little Havana, the Latin American Art Museum, or any of the many Latin nightclubs that liven the evening. Miami Beach is a haven for sunbathers and recreational enthusiasts alike. As well, be certain to visit the Art Deco Neighborhood and the Miami Metro Zoo.

ALP offers four levels of intensive language instruction:

* Standard
* Business and Specialized
* Deluxe Five-Star
* "Customized"

Lessons are offered at the convenience and agreement of both student and teacher. The family provides all meals plus they offer a minimum of one excursion per week. All of our teachers/homes are carefully inspected to ensure student comfort and safety.

We also offer these Special Programs:

* Lessons Only: Private English or Spanish Lessons (without homestay)
* Corporate / Workplace Program: English or Spanish
* Public Speaking/ Business English Instruction
* Homestay Only (without lessons)

Degree Level


  • English

Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching
  • English
  • Spanish

Cost in US$:

Contact Provider for Cost Details

Cost Includes:

Cost Include Description:

Final tuition cost will depend on length of stay, hours of lessons per week (15, 20 or 25), program selection and any other added fees. Request Info or consult website.


* Standard Booking (Tuition and Homestay)

These prices are for student/week (unless otherwise noted)

* private lesson/tutoring one-on-one with qualified teacher;
* accommodations/housing/homestay with certified families
* three meals per day
* excursion(s) with family
* appropriate for the school-aged student

I. One Student:
15 Hours/Week 20 Hours/Week 25 Hours/Week
Boston, Massachusetts USD900.00 USD980.00 USD1080.00
All Florida Locations USD900.00 USD980.00 USD1080.00
Phoenix, Arizona USD900.00 USD980.00 USD1080.00
California USD900.00 USD980.00 USD1080.00
NYC/NJ USD900.00 USD980.00 USD1080.00
Honolulu, Hawaii USD900.00 USD980.00 USD1080.00

Credit Available


This Program is open to

Worldwide Participant.

Participants Travel to United States

Independently or in Groups

Application Process Involves
  • Online Application
  • Other
Typically The Application Process Time is
24-48 hours
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